Trondium is an independent sc-fi web series written and produced by me, Ryan DeWitt. The series takes place in 2069 in a post-apocalyptic time where petroleum oil-based material manufacturing like plastics are virtually non-existence. Those left are forced to recycle and live underground because of severe temperature swings. Mining landfills for rare materials both metals and plastic are the current currencies along with homegrown hydroponic food using precious rain water. With Hydrogen Fuel Cells now readily available as a viable power source, Asteroid Mining is now a fiercely competitive industry, involving Space piracy and new types of crimes. The story revolves around our Hero, Cooper. He’s on a mining commission that he can’t alter. Not a single step can go wrong and someone desperately needs him back on Earth. With the help of his underground Earth communication hacker Trent, he finds out his mining commission to ARX2 is more than he signed up for and shit gets complicated. Trent most go in hiding and everything becomes...

Schedule - The 1st Screening in Jan 2020 and Pilot episode will be available on the hackLAB YouTube channel Feb 2020. So subscribe or die of boredom.

episode 001 stock video hacked storyboard

Funding Goal $8,000

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Most Indie Films need a little money to get going. I wasn’t going to do ask this but I want to involve kids and talent and scale this to something really motivating and entertaining for all ages. So I hope you consider donating. Your kindness will be greatly appreciated.

#randomfact 001 - Instant communication in space does not exist. The comm between Mars and Earth may take 20 minutes (request + response)

#randomfact 002 - Space is completely silent. There is no atmosphere in space, which means that sound has no medium or way to travel to be heard. Astronauts use radios to stay in communication while in space, since radio waves can still be sent and received.

#randomfact 003 - THE HOTTEST PLANET IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM IS 450° C. Venus.

#randomfact 004 - A FULL NASA SPACE SUIT COSTS $12,000,000. While the entire suit costs a cool $12m, 70% of that cost is for the backpack and control module.

Pre Production Helmet Build

Space Helmet Build 1 The hero helmet is being designed and fabricated by Wingerd Design Laboratories in Research Triangle Park, NC. Image Gallery shows the build so far.

Space Helmet Build 2 For the Second character helmet I’m starting with a Russian pilot GSH-6LP high altitude flight helmet ,size 1B, shows wear and usage. The GSh-6LP helmet comes with 8 locking lugs on the neck ring/8 locking pins on the helmet base, the helmet has open-close dark visor,comes with the green neck ring and inner communication helmet, The helmet was primarily used by MiG-25 and MiG-31 pilots traveling up at 20000-35000 meters altitude and 2-3M speed. We’ll add 3D printed parts and vacuum hoses.

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I choose metal light weight 8’ft beams that are $4 a piece. So far we’re in 300 for the Huvel.

Contributions. You got skills, right?

  • Prop - Deep Space Communicator Builder Name - Open - make something like this

  • Prop - Underground Comm Station Hatch Door - Builder Name - Open

  • Hero Cooper Helmet - Wingerd - In Progress

  • Interior Space Ship Panel 001 - Builder Name - Open

  • Interior Space Ship Panel 002 - Builder Name - Open

  • Interior Space Ship Panel 003 - Builder Name - Open

  • Interior Space Ship Panel 004 - Builder Name - Open

  • Interior Space Ship Panel 005 - Builder Name - Open

  • Interior Space Ship Panel 006 - Builder Name - Open

  • Interior Space Ship Panel 007 - Builder Name - Open

  • Interior Space Ship Panel 008 - Builder Name - Open

  • Interior Space Ship Panel 009 - Builder Name - Open

  • Interior Space Ship Panel 010 - Builder Name - Open

Production Diary Videos

Weekly Production Diary - Starting the Hero Ship “Hovel”

Rocket Engines!

Since these are both Metal a light weight, were using recycled drums to hold the turbine engines.